Haigh County Park

A walk through Haigh County Park in Wigan, centred around the historic country house built in the early 1800s. A beautiful place hidden 20 minutes from the town centre on foot!

  1. f/22
  2. 1/80 sec
  3. 24mm
  4. ISO 200

Haigh Golf Course

One of the beautiful greens at Haigh golf course, next to the canal.

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  1. f/13
  2. 1/80 sec
  3. 36mm
  4. ISO 100

Haigh Hall

Country house built in early 19th century in Wigan.

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  1. f/5.6
  2. 1/80 sec
  3. 22mm
  4. ISO 200

Money Tree

My family lied - money does grow on trees, and here you have the proof.

#haigh county park  #money tree  #wigan

  1. f/4.5
  2. 1/100 sec
  3. 18.3mm
  4. ISO 800